Easter Cupcakes

Hey Everyone! Is it just me or does it feel like spring has sprung?? We had a beautiful weekend here in PDX and now I’m itching for summer. But, classic Portland, rain forecasted all thisย week. What a tease! Oh well.


Speaking of spring … Easter is right around the corner! For me, that means going to Aunt’s house to eat myself sick for Brunch and puppy time ๐Ÿ™‚ And a holiday means I have an excuse to make themed cupcakes! Yesss. Which brings me to today post: Easter Cupcakes.

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Auntie’s {Loaded} Oatmeal Cookies

Hi there! I’m so excited you stopped by today, I have a really great post to share with you all! Not only do I have an absolutely drool worthy cookie recipe to share, I also have some pretty dang cute pictures of my favorite little pup. You guys …. she is so ridiculously cute. Prepare yourselves. Side note: I am like a total dog freak. I’m that person who stops to pet every a dog and has to be reluctantly dragged away by my boyfriend who no longer finds my obsession (or constant begging for a dog) all that cute. Thank goodness for his sensibility on this subject, it’s the only reason I haven’t hoarded approximately 75 dogs.  But back to the cookies.

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